Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blueberry Disaster (Pie)

I had a request for Blueberry Pie the other day and I accepted the challenge gracefully. After all, I suspected that the primary problem with the crust was that I was adding too much water and the only way to get better was lots of practice. I confidently bought some frozen blueberries and planned my attack. What I failed to plan for of course was losing internet access for the majority of the weekend, which left me with few resources to double-check baking times since I was using frozen berries instead of fresh.

*Shrug* I could still manage... I had faith!

The crust was a disaster from the beginning. I used the Dorie Greenspan recipe that I have had the *most* success with and I used my experience with previous disasters (a.k.a. crusts) to carefully add the water. However, I think I went a bit overboard and didn't add enough water. The crust had trouble coming together, and when I tried to roll it out (after an overnight rest in the fridge) it started out fine, but ended up ripping in a couple of places. I thought it would be okay -- that it would swell while baking and the rip would be less noticeable. I was wrong. It didn't help that I forgot to add the butter to the top of the pie so I had to peal the top crust back and throw it on there in a hurry.

I did give a piece of pie to the person who requested it -- and she said it tasted great with a little honey. It helped that she doesn't like crust all that much and that we agreed to call it blueberry cobbler... Stupid pie.

I'm not going to bother with the recipes at this point... well, unless someone really wants them. But why pass on disasters when I have so many other recipes to write about and a few days to make up?

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