Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Cookies and Banana Cake

Chris and I were in Michaels the other day looking at the baking supplies and I got a bit excited by the cookie cutters and sprinkles. We decided to make cookies and decorate them for work, but of course the debate was what kind of cookie base (sugar or shortbread) and what kind of frosting (powdered sugar glaze, buttercream, or cream cheese.) It was pretty easy to choose sugar cookies, but the frosting was a challenge. I don't like powdered sugar glaze much because it tastes icky, buttercream is usually not that appealing to me either because of how sweet it is, and while I like cream cheese frosting, it's not really great for sugar cookies. I finally settled on buttercream frosting as the best of the lot, but instead of regular buttercream, I made a white-chocolate buttercream which was excellent. All the sweetness of normal buttercream, without the overpowering powdered sugar flavor. My decorating skills could still use some work (where's my mom when I need her?) but they taste great. The frosting will probably be all sticky, gooey tomorrow, but they should still taste good. :)

I also had some rather sorry looking bananas in the house and Chris' parents were coming for a visit so I threw together a banana cake from my Dorie Greenspan book. She offered several variations for the cake and how to serve it. I used coconut milk in the cake batter and made a chocolate buttercream frosting to decorate it. I think next time I will go for a darker chocolate in the frosting to cut some of the sweet of the buttercream, but it was still quite good.

The recipe offered other yummy sounding variations too: rum drenched, whipped cream frosting, or broken up and used as a base for sundaes... mmmm... banana cake with ice cream... drool....

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